Phoenix Combo
Phoenix Combo
Phoenix Combo
Phoenix Combo
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Phoenix Combo

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According to Greek mythology, the phoenix is born when the fire is extinguished and all that remains are ashes. This symbolises the return to growth after having been completely destroyed. This requires a lot of willpower, courage and energy. This is where the Phoenix combo gets its name from.

The Phoenix Combo consists of the Melas Black and Silver and the Skull Black Lava and is a combination of two powerful natural stones. The Melas Black and Silver is made of Hematite. This stone increases willpower, self-confidence and has a positive effect on memory. While the Black Skull is made of Lavastone. This stone has a calming and healing effect, but also releases intense energy. This combination is timeless and gives your outfit that extra finishing touch.

Why should you buy this combo?
- 12-month warranty period & free exchange if the size is not right
- Your bracelet will be made and shipped within 48h
- It is made from top-quality materials and officially 'handmade in Belgium'

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