Mighty Elephant Combo
Mighty Elephant Combo
Mighty Elephant Combo
Mighty Elephant Combo
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Mighty Elephant Combo

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Elephants are a symbol of good luck, strength and wisdom. It is said that they can drive away evil. These properties are very similar to those of natural stone Jasper, this powerful stone provides perseverance, gives you an extra dose of energy and helps you to set limits. That is exactly the reason where the Elephant combo got its name from.

The Mighty Elephant combo consists of the Gem Dark Silver bracelet, made out of natural stone Hematite, a powerful stone that increases confidence, improves willpower and has a positive influence on memory and the Alpha Grey, made of natural stone Jasper.

1. Measure the circumference of your wrist

2. Add 1 centimeter

3. Select your size

 XXS 17 cm
XS 18 cm
S 19 cm
M 20 cm
L 21 cm