FAQ Smartline

  1. How do I activate my wearable?

    Activating your bracelet is very easy. You can activate your wearable in the bankapp of the financial institution you linked your bracelet to or via the
    Fidesmo app.

  2. How do I disable my wearable?

    Disabling your wearable is as easy as activating it. You can disable your wearable in the bankapp of the financial institution you linked your bracelet to or via the Fidesmo app.

  3. Which banks are supported?

    Currently you can only connect payment cards from one of the following banking partners: KBC - CBC - KBC Brussels - SEB - Nordea - VM Pay.

  4. For up to how much can I pay with my wearable?

    You can use your wearable to pay up to 50 euros without pincode. 
    With pincode you can pay as much as your own limit allows you to.

  5. How does a Gemini wearable work?

    The Smartline bracelet holds a payment chip in between the layers that is connected to Fidesmo Pay, a payment solution which allows you to connect your payment card and make secure contactless payments with your Gemini wearable.
    After your purchase you will be asked to connect your payment cards in a secured way. The bracelet won't be shipped until the payment card is connected. 

  6. What do I do when I lose my wearable?

    Losing a wearable is just like losing a regular bracelet except for the fact that your bank account is linked to it.
    If you lose your wearable it's important to disable it immediately to make sure nobody can use it. 
    Next you will have to buy a new one in order to be able to pay in style again.

  7. What do I do when my wearable is broken?

    Gemini offers 1 year warranty on all products. If your product features a manufacturing mistake please send an email to info@gemini-official.comIf you damaged the wearable yourself we unfortunately can't send a new one.

  8. Do I need to use my PIN when I pay with my wearables?

    You don't need a PIN for purchases up to 50EUR. If the purchase is above 50EUR you need to use your PIN.

  9. Can I still use my physical payment card even if I suspend my wearable?

    Yes, your physical payment card can be used just as usual. It's just the wearable that's suspended from making payments.

  10. Is Fidesmo Pay secure?

    Yes, your credit card information is never transferred to the wearable, only a reference. This is then used to identify your credit card during a purchase. The wearable itself utilises the same security infrastructure as SIM cards, chip cards and pin credit cards.

  11. Can I pay with Fidesmo Pay in any country?

    Yes, as long as the terminal supports contactless payments. Just like you can tap and pay with your payment card at any contactless terminal around the world, you can tap an pay with your wearable. 

  12. Is it possible to connect more than one payment card to my wearable

    No, Initially Fidesmo connected wearables will only support one payment card at a time. You can however connect multiple wearables to one payment card.

  13. Can someone else use my wearable?

    Yes, the wearable acts like a regular payment card.If you leave it or lose it somewhere other people will be able to use it for purchases up to 50 euros (without code). Please make sure to disable your wearable as soon as possible whenever you lost it.

  14. Can I still use my wearable for payments after blocking my physical payment card?

    No, blocking your physical payment card also blocks the wearable for making payments.